Remembering that even the smallest creature has power and purpose,

Enter this day from a place of love and determination.

Set your intention and harness your energy, there is work to be done.

In times of darkness and unrest, we prove to be strongest.

So we unite for the greater good, and for those with no voice.

The time is here. The time is now. The time is ours.

Tori Burris Inkley

Today I Went Fishing

I went fishing today

In the ocean of my mind

I had not been on that journey in a while
Wasn’t even sure I’d remember how

With all the baiting and the casting and the waiting
Didn’t know if I had the patience
Or quite honestly, the desire

And yet I went…

The whole trip was a mere twenty minutes
But what a full twenty minutes it was

I’d barely baited my hook when the first fish just up and leapt into my boat
Causing me to laugh and remember just how much I enjoyed fishing

I cast out, as far from my body as possible, and before I could sit,
I had a bite

I reeled it in, putting pen to paper
Careful not to scare it away or cause it harm

I decided to try casting a net next
Hoping not to jinx my early good fortune

Lo and behold…
My catch was tremendous!

I emptied that net and recast over and over
Smiling and writing until I’d fished every inch of that ocean
Occasionally jumping from the boat
and diving to the deepest depths
For that’s where the more colorful, more rare fish are

And when the twenty minutes came to an end
I packed my supplies
Took a deep breath
And I thanked the ocean and the net

But mostly I thanked the fish
For they reminded me to remember,
To try,
To laugh,
To search,
To dive
To wait,
And to fish more often

Tori Burris Inkley

Shake Me

Shake me
Wake me up
Roll me from the disconnect, the disappointment, the despair

This ocean is too deep and my life vest too small

Take my hand

Don’t lead, don’t solve
Just take my hand

I am strong
I am courageous
I am here

But my breath is wavering
Heart and soul unsettled

Feet won’t move
but eyes still see

Give me time
and a little air

But first…
Shake me

Tori Burris Inkley

Selfishly I sit
Not starting because I know
This will help you leave

Tori Burris Inkley

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