Today We Sing

Gather ’round dear ones

Today we sing

Lift your voices high to the heavens
And sing out your souls for all to hear

Sing of hope and bright summer days
Fill the skies with the sounds of sunflowers yellow
Lending your joy and your spirit to those in pain

Sing of truth and justice for all humankind
Infuse the air with a persian blue gravity
So deep, so clear, that all must see

Sing of pain and fear upon fear
Until red rain falls from the skies
And the privileged are forced to bathe in it

Sing of abundance and beauty and dreams
Painting a world with fields of emerald green
Where there is more than enough for all

Sing of silence and sadness and death
Words hanging in the pitch black of despair
Reminding us of the suffering of many

Come dear ones

Today we sing

Tori Burris Inkley

Before You…

Before you speak, look in my eyes
Look in my eyes before you speak
Gather your thoughts, take a breath
Then look in my eyes before you speak

Before you curse, remember my words
Remember my words before you curse
Picture that day, when we first met
Then remember my words before you curse

Before you quit, listen to them
Listen to them before you quit
Feel the love, in voices small
Yes, listen to them before you quit

Before you hide, relive the joy
Relive the joy before you hide
Close your eyes, smell the breeze
Then relive the joy before you hide

And when these things you’ve done
If your mind remains unswayed…

Before you go, pass me the bottle
Pass me the bottle before you go
Hold my hand, say your goodbye
Then pass me the bottle before you go

Tori Burris Inkley

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