Rant Day

This is a rant day.

A day when, at not even 9:00 in the morning, I want to rant about EVERYTHING!

I’m not happy with the world
Not happy with the weather
Not happy with the uncleanliness of my house
Not happy that I have to work today
Or that I have to make phone calls to solve problems that shouldn’t be

I just need, or rather want, to rant.

I want to scream at everyone I see or hear
Even those closest to me

I feel the tension and the anger bubbling up
And I check the clock…
Nope… still not even 9:00AM

I meditate
I breathe
I read
I close my eyes

Still there

This desire to go off like a firecracker
One of the big ones that explodes high and loud and then showers those directly beneath it

It’s definitely a rant day

And so I rant…
In my head
In my gut
In my heart
In my whole body…

But only there

Let it eat me up
Take me prisoner
Steal this day

At least I’ll keep the others safe

Tori Burris Inkley