Because you must


Because your husband/wife/partner/lover still needs to hold your hand and look into your eyes and know you’re there


Because your children need you to stand up for them, for their rights, and for their future, and to protect them from becoming caged in or having others control their bodies


Because if you’re lucky enough to still have a job, you have work to do… whether you’re a teacher demonstrating to our youth that there are still adults who care, a pastor/priest/rabbi calling out those who arm themselves with religion in order to oppress others, or a musician/poet/artist of any sort who is needed by our country to remind us that there is so much beauty in this world… when we look past the hate and the greed and the ego


Because until your heart and head can steady themselves, your breath will keep you afloat


Because no one said this would be easy… change never is… you’ve trained for a marathon, not a jog around the block


Because many have died… whether in hospitals or nursing homes, their own beds or churches, battlefields, SCHOOLS, or at the hands of domestic terrorists… whether in jeans and t-shirts, pajamas, or uniforms… whether on ventilators, sleeping peacefully, praying, marching, sitting in class, walking, or running… TOO MANY have died


Because the world still needs good… REAL good… not lip service, not thoughts and prayers… but action, loud voices, care and support for ALL… REAL good… and real good trouble


Because we must keep speaking… we must keep dissenting… we must keep going


Because others can’t…

Tori Burris Inkley

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