Is It Just Me?

Do you see them too?
Wormholes in front of you.
They consume hours of time
as you weave and bob and explore,
as you laugh and cry and surf

Where do they come from,
these suckers of time?
Positioning themselves in front of me,
then beckoning me to dive in.
I don’t for a moment believe
I have control over this.
Surely, there’s another
who’s responsible.

Why would I be called to watch
a video of a young child
helping a disabled man
Or an athlete lifting the spirits
of a boy who feels he doesn’t fit in?

Why do I suddenly need to know
the line of the British royal succession
Or the name of a background actress
because I think I know her from television? 

When someone speaks an idiom,
why do I need to research its origin
Or when an old song comes on,
need to know the year of the studio album?

And whose idea was it to connect them all?
The wormholes, I mean.
Just when I reach the end of one,
another appears, as if summoned
to prevent me from putting down the phone
or turning off the computer.
Here comes another hour wasted.

So… back to my original question…
Do you see them too?

April 14th
Prompt: And Now for Something Completely Different


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